David Koresh Superstar

Right this very second, I'm listening to "I Am Koresh," from the excellent rock opera David Koresh Superstar by the indispensable UK band The Indelicates.

There's the cover, which gives you an idea of the puckish spirit behind it. And let's see if I can embed any of it, so you can hear it -- it's actually a real rock opera, and a very good one, about Koresh, the siege at Waco, and related matters. (The only serious criticism I could have is that the British accents make it all slightly surreal.)

This below Amazon widget should let you preview all of the songs on the record; you can also go to The Indelicates' Audio page for previews of several David Koresh Superstar songs and some others from their earlier records -- including "Savages," which is utterly wonderful:
Five stars. Hornswoggler says check it out.