Start Your Hugo Nominations Now!

Or, rather, start them four days ago, when nominations opened.

All ballots must be received by March 10th (of this year, obviously), and nominating is open to members of LoneStarCon 3 (this year's WorldCon), as well as members of last year's and (you eager beavers, you!) next year's.

I'm personally not eligible -- I'm not a member of any of those cons, and I don't expect to make it to a WorldCon any time in the near future (sadly) -- but, if you are, it is your duty as a trufan to nominate something before the deadline. Even if you only read one novelette that you thought was really keen last year, nominate that. Every little bit makes the process better.

Voting on the final nominees will follow this round, and then the winners will be announced at the usual gala ceremony in San Antonio over Labor Day weekend -- precisely the time when you'd want to travel to Texas!

(hat tip to the official Hugo Awards site)