The Anti-Woody Allen

This is today's 9 Chickweed Lane, a well-drawn but molasses-slow and idiosyncratic at best comic strip; if its creator allowed commenting on the comic itself, I probably wouldn't bother to post this here:
(click to embiggen)

So, this young man -- I gather he's supposed to be in his twenties -- has an erotic fantasy harem entirely made up of women old enough to be his great-grandmother? The youngest of them is Kelly, who's also been dead the longest (since 1982).

Also, please note that all of these women are dead, and have been dead since at least 2000 -- sure, we'll assume that he knows them all through old movies, but does he live entirely in old movies? (In this strip, that is sadly a possibility.)

Please, creators, remember the old rule: just because you like something, or identify with it, doesn't mean your characters should.