What Happened to Sitemeter?

I was using them for traffic stats, and their page seems to have turned into a squatter -- did they just suddenly go out of business?

(I'll admit I didn't check my stats as often as I should have, but they were always right there, in that Firefox tab I rarely touched, and that was comforting.)

I mean, I've got Google Analytics too, but I looked at Sitemeter more (meaning once every three months or so).

This Internet stuff keeps changing in ways that are deeply annoying.

Update: April 6th, AM. Sitemeter is back!

But I can't find any reference to the outage on the site itself.

A blogger called The Other McCain reports that Sitemeter forgot to renew their domain -- which is exactly what this looked like, but it's such a basic Web 101 thing that I don't want to believe it -- so perhaps that is the explanation after all.